At the January Guild meeting, we announced a new challenge. We want to share it here and in the newsletter so folks not at the meeting can participate.

  • The name of the game is Cell Phone Shoot Out! When you have a moment, whip out your cell phone or get ready to take a screen shot if you’re on a tablet or phone already!
  • Next… go THIS LINK. You’ll see a website that is cycling through a series of words relating to Color Theory, Inspiration, and Technique. Those are your parameters for the challenge. What you’ll do is take a photo with your phone or a screen grab with your tablet or phone. The options in your photo or screen grab are your unique challenge keywords.
  • Challenge keywords are totally based on YOUR interpretation of them. For example… pop color? Is that a bold color used with neutrals? Or a pop art color palette? Africa? Is that the continent or the song by Toto?
  • From there, make something that encompasses those three words or phrases. A quilt? A mini quilt? A tote? An apron? A table runner? It’s all good!
  • This is a 2 month challenge so we’ll ask you to bring your completed projects to the March Guild meeting.
  • There WILL be prizes!

A PS: everyone took multiple photos, we know, but please don’t get hung up on trying to cherry pick keywords. Remember… this is a challenge! We want you to have fun but we also hope this edges you a bit out of your comfort zone!

Any questions? Please reach out to Andrea Smith. And have fun!