On April 11, 2024 at the Merriam Community Center come meet Minki Kim.

Minki Kim is a fabric and pattern designer with her own whimsical style. As a formally trained sculptor and self-taught sewist, she found that designing fabrics and creating art with fabric and thread were natural steps in her evolution as an artist. She will share lots of photos and projects during her program, “How Sewing Changed My Life”. 

Minki discovered sewing as a creative outlet when her children were small. She wanted to capture the beauty of ordinary moments, first with hand embroidery and later recreating them with her sewing machine and fabric—literally drawing with thread. She has captured ordinary moments in beautiful sewing illustrations to make keepsake snapshots of daily life, which has become her signature style.

The author of Sew Illustrated, Diary in Stitches, Zakka from the Heart and Zakka Wool Applique (all by C&T Publishing), Minki has also designed several fabric collections for Riley Blake Designs. 

Check out her Instagram @zeriano and her website Sewing Illustration

Two of her books, Zakka from the Heart and Zakka Wool Applique, are available in our library if you’d like to check out a bit more inspiration!

Kelly Lautenbach – VP of Programming