Get ready for an amazing July meeting and workshop! Veruschka Zarate of Pride & Joy Quilting will be joining us on Thursday, July 11. Veruschka is an accomplished, award-winning quilt maker and pattern designer, specializing in the technique of foundation paper piecing. Her quilts never cease to “stop your scroll” when you encounter them via Instagram. Her attention to detail and structure is amazing and you’ll want to hear all about her journey into the amazing world of foundation paper piecing. She began learning traditional piecing and quilting techniques in 2016 and through a voracious desire to keep learning happened on foundation paper piecing in 2019. After falling in love with the technique, Veruschka set out to create her own designs focused on subjects that inspire joy, vibrancy, empowerment and encouragement. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to spend time with Veruschka and see her amazing work up close and hear her quilting story. For more information about Pride & Joy Quilting, visit her on Instagram @prideandjoyquilting or on Facebook at Pride and Joy Quilting Studio.