On March 14th, Merrie Ford, a KCMQG member and national speaker, will talk to us about Working in a Series: Motivation & Inspiration. This lecture is the result of a lifelong love of a specific subject matter, a desire to explore creative possibilities, and many changes in her life and the world over the past few years. Drawing from personal interests, a small book by an artist of the 50’s, and her process of planning and creating a series of works, she will give both practical and unusual inspiration to help us all move forward with our own creative lives.

A little bit about Merrie. She began sewing in 8th grade and primarily made clothing for years. She caught the quilting bug at age 22 and began with traditional quilts and hand quilting. Her creative journey would take her into utility quilts, modern quilts, collage, and original designs. After 20 moves, she landed in Kansas City, MO, and credits the KCMQG with much of her growth and creativity as a Quilter. She now splits time between Missouri & her home state of Montana. Merrie teaches at shops, guilds, and retreats all over the nation, loves the color brown, and never gets tired of buying fabric at any shop she can find while traveling!

Cannot wait to see what Merrie will inspire us to do in 2024!

Kelly Lautenbach, VP of Programming