Maybe it was love at first sight… Maybe you thought that this was the real thing… It was all going so well. Until it wasn’t. Now you’re questioning all the things. Should you have never gotten involved? Is there a lesson to be learned here? Maybe there’s some therapy that could happen to make it work? We’ve all been there. Don’t feel bad. Grab that project that has been lingering a little too long and join us for the May meeting where we’ll work through your relationship issues with projects that are sitting undone. We’ll have “therapy sessions” where we will break up into groups. You can present your project and your issue. Your guild friends will help you evaluate whether it’s time to make up or break up. At the end of the evening we’ll ask you to make a decision. Maybe you’ll find that reason to carry on or, if needed, a “break up” table will be available where you can make a clean break and move on if you decide to do so. Maybe your break up is someone else’s new project! Let’s find out, shall we?